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A villa in Cape Coral, Florida, is quietly located just a few minutes drive from the beach and a short ferry ride from Fort Myers. If you visit an excellent restaurant in Cape Coral Florida, you will come back for more when you return to the hotel.

An outdoor swimming pool where you can soak up the sun or take a dip while exploring the city. An outdoor pool with outdoor pool where you can refresh yourself while exploring the cities.

Located on Cape Coral Parkway East, this hotel offers spacious rooms with modern design and extensive amenities. For ultimate relaxation, the full-service wellness center is located next to the Westin Cape Coral Resort.

Guests also have access to a private swimming pool, spa, fitness centre and a full-service restaurant. The private rooms have showers, a private bathroom, a pool and a poolside lounge, and a private balcony.

Example ($500 credit) is per person, based on the number of guests in each room and the length of stay (stay) Duration and room type may vary).

The economy rooms at Hideaway Waterfront Resort are the cheapest option, but still offer great beach views and great views from the accommodation. The villas have comfortable facilities, including a well-equipped kitchen, two bathrooms for a pleasant stay, and plenty of natural light.

Guests also have access to an adjacent waterway that leads to the Gulf of Mexico, and a 2,300 square foot deck leads to a hammock barbecue area and tiki hut. Boating, the hotel has elegantly furnished rooms with a quiet atmosphere to ensure a pleasant stay. The boat slide offers access to the water, with an open, stepped deck overlooking the sea and the beach. Go Coastal takes you on a two-hour boat ride from Cape Coral, Florida, or an hour - and - a half-hour walk from the hotel.

It has all the comfortable amenities you need for your stay, including a full-service bar, private pool, spa and fitness center, and access to the beach and pool.

The hotel offers two-legged guests and charges a one-time pet fee, but should you return within a year, you will not have to pay again. For example, just minutes from Cape Coral, they allow dogs weighing up to 30 pounds for a fee of one pet. Guests are allowed to bring two dogs weighing 30 pounds each, and you will pay a $5 fee for each dog and $10 for the total cost of the hotel, plus an additional $20 per dog.

You must book by 5 January 2021 and can only re-book if you have booked at least two weeks before your return to Cape Coral.

If you want to attend one of these events, avoid the spring holidays, as crowds and hotel prices are high, and if you stay in Cape Coral, you should also avoid the spring holidays.

Cape Coral also offers luxurious, comfortable and affordable accommodation. For travelers who wish to bring their pets to a hotel, privately owned rooms and suites are often free of charge. If you're ready to stay just outside Cape Coral, nearby Fort Myers has many more pet-friendly accommodations.

Located in the heart of Cape Coral, just a short drive from the beach, the accommodations offer a variety of amenities including a pool, spa, fitness center, pool house and spa. The villas are air conditioned and feature a private balcony, private pool and even a private garden on the beach.

Here are several inexpensive tips to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable beach holiday on a budget. You can all enjoy a boat ride to a spectacular fishing spot where you can catch tarpon, snapper, grouper and more.

We've published 3 charts showing the cost of hotels in Cape Coral, Florida during the most expensive and cheapest time of year. We analyzed these figures to calculate the best time of year to make a reservation in Cape Coral for the cheapest - expensive time of year.

Cape Coral is warm and sunny all year round, but you will still find the notable advantage of planning your visit carefully. The pleasantly mild weather brings with it a plethora of festivities, including the annual Cape Coral Fruit Festival, one of Florida's most popular tourist attractions. Celebrating lush tropical fruits, this festival is the perfect time of year to visit the city's tropical paradise.

Casa Loma Motel on the waterfront features private terraces and balconies, many of which overlook the canal. Relax in the pool, browse the Fancy Nancy Boutique's Aquatic-themed jewellery, tap your feet to live music at Fathoms, dance at Dixie Roadhouse or spend some time setting up a picnic area.

In 1988, the airport exceeded its planned capacity of 5 million passengers per year and by 2004 it was serving almost 7 million passengers per year. The terminal building has since been expanded to 65 gates and its capacity has been increased to 10 million passenger years, according to the Florida Department of Transportation.

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