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The Cape Coral Arts & Music Festival returns to South Cape Coral for the second year in a row. The ArtFest Fort Myers will take place on Saturday, June 4, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. M. at the Cape Park Amphitheater in the south of the city, near the intersection of Cape - Coral Parkway and the campus of Florida Atlantic University.

The art show, which also offers live entertainment, will run on Saturday, June 4, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Bonita Springs National Art Festival will hold its second annual ArtFest Fort Myers on Sunday, July 2, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Bonitas Springs Convention Center in Bonito Springs.

For bookings, visit the Riverside Band website or Facebook, or call EV at 239 - 850 - 3311, or simply enter your contact details in the pop-up window to select a DJ. Have your DJ company listed on and click the Contact button to be listed and receive the latest DJ news, promotions and more by email. Jacobsen said: "The 50th, 24th and 8th are the last two days of the Bonita Springs National Art Festival, which means that the exhibitors themselves would like to do the show because it is good for their work, they make money and they enjoy the emerging artists.

Caution is recommended when looking for a place here, the beach towing is aggressive and you have to wash your clothes in the morning because smoking is allowed at the bar. If you want a dose of AC, you go to the open-air stage, but you have to invite people to stay and maybe have dinner with them so that people are more likely to come from outside, get a room and stay overnight, "Jacobsen said.

You know you are sitting in a parking lot near the huge Buddha statue because it is right on the beach.

Here you really see the stars at night, and when you listen to soulful music, it seems as if they sparkle even brighter. From the beach, this vacation home is known for its beautiful ocean and ocean views, but you can also listen to the music from Gulfshore Grill, an established restaurant and bar on the coast of the Gulf of Cape Coral. The bar offers everything from shrimp burgers to fried eggs, roasted green tomatoes, shrimp and grains, as well as a variety of other dishes.

The chefs add a gourmet touch to everything that comes from the kitchen, and they tap home-brewed beers as well as beers from across the state. This bar is more than just a beer bar, with a huge selection of Scotch, Bourbon and Whiskey. There is even a grill where you can hear all the goings on while you are right in front of it, but all in one place, right next to the bar.

Sometimes the acts are solos, gentler, sometimes a full band gets together and rocks the decks, and sometimes a guy has to have one ready if he thinks you should switch to another song. There are a lot of acts on this stage, many of which have national supporters, but if one of these guys is thinking about switching to one song, he has to have another one ready.

Jacobsen said he was approached in October by an artist who asked if they were interested in joining the festival for the time being. We're not giving up on life, but we're trying to do what we did before and find new ways to do it, "Jacobsen said.

The choice of music played was wide, but the ability to switch from one song or genre to another was very smooth. The energetic band played so well that even the guests sitting on the veranda stopped eating and concentrated on the music. I watched as the band interacted with their audience and encouraged them to sing along and clap along. EV said that one night, just before closing, they had a large group come to listen to salsa music and they played only for those who could dance.

The owners of the Roadhouse had a connection and used it to the great delight of all music lovers. The guitar solos were so good that I thought of Eric Clapton and Eddie Van Halen. Listening carefully, I was impressed by the sharp harmonies between the two lead guitarists, which could only be achieved by musicians who had been playing together for a long time.

The owners also behaved well enough to book some big names who won Grammys and wanted to travel to gigs in big cities like Tampa and Miami. I managed to catch a Grammy Award-winning artist on the way from Miami to Tampa to play here. Below I've put together a list of the top 10 places in North America that are near you. Search for events in the links below and then search the list on the left for DJs in your area. You just never know who might show up and what they're going to do, so look at it!

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